Governing Docs


Sunderbriar Cluster Home Owners Association was incorporated on May 16, 1978, as a non-stock corporation under the provisions of Chapter 2 of Title 13.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Bylaws document the powers and duties of the board of directors, the responsibilities of the members, and the rules surrounding cluster meetings. 


This process is used for complaints involving action, inaction, or a decision by the board inconsistent with applicable Common Interest Community laws in Virginia.

Provides the rules governing the use of parking spaces, the enforcement procedures the cluster uses, as well as a warning notice and "permission to use" form.


Provides the Cluster's Records Retention and Destruction policy for various record types, including the retention periods by record type.

The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation provides information on common interest communities such as homeowners associations.

guidelines on electronic means for business

These guidelines document Sunderbriar Cluster’s use of electronic means to perform actions as allowable under Virginia Code § 55.1-1832